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Which is the Right Whitening Option?

Your smile is the first thing that other people notice about you. Whitening your teeth adds confidence to your smile - as your grand mother used to say, it all starts with the smile. A dazzling smile leaves a great first impression - a confident, bright smile is extremely important for a job interview.

Unfortunately, no one whitening system works equally well for all people. Some folks need the outside and inside (buccal and lingual) parts of their teeth to be whitened. For other people, going to bed with the whitening product inserted in their mouth may be more effective. Some may need only 30 minutes per day for 10 days for their teeth to be pearly white. Disposable take-home trays may be a good choice for such people. These trays are typically preloaded with the whitening product and inserted into the mouth. The thin membrane adheres to your teeth and remains securely in place for the 30-60 minute wear time. The bottom line is that one needs their teeth to be properly evaluated by a good dentist to determine which system would be the best option.

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Research has shown that the most effective and long-lasting whitening system is the take-home whitening kit. Over the counter whitening gels may harm the gums, if used incorrectly. In comparison with whitening strips, the take-home trays require far less dexterity. The trays are easy to put in, cover much more of the tooth than whitening strips, and are easy to wear. However, if you have extremely yellow teeth, you're better off going with a professional solution.

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