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By Dr. Meena
September 27, 2010
Category: Oral Cancer
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Vizilite is a simple device that uses a unique chemically engineered light source. This device improves the identification, evaluation and monitoring of oral mucosal abnormalities in patients.

More than 25% of oral cancers are discovered in patients with no lifestyle risk factors. This means that vizilite exams should be performed on all adult patients (age 18 or older):

  • Increased risk: 18 -39 years.
  • High risk: 40 and older - tobacco users
  • Highest risk: 40 and older with tobacco and chronic alcohol use and patients with a history of oral cancer.

When detected early, oral cancer is curable in 90% of the cases and patients can live a healthy life. Yet a majority of early lesions are not detected by an unaided visual examination. Early detection tools such as mammograms and PSA tests have greatly reduced death rates for breast and prostrate cancers.