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Just completed a wonderful 2-day seminar of Full Arch Reconstruction in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am posing with Dr. James Downs who is an outstanding instructor. 

Here are some 'Before' and Áfter' pictures of a patient on whom Dr. Downs performed the Full Arch Reconstruction in the seminar at Utah. As the pictures show, today's modern dentistry can work wonders for the esthetics which in turn boosts the patient's confidence. Unbelievable transformation!

By Dr. Meena
June 13, 2011
Category: Invisalign
Tags: Cosmetic Dentistry  

These 'Before and After' pictures show that Invisalign treatment has helped to correct the crowded and protruded appearance of the front teeth. The patient now has a perfectly aligned set of teeth leading to a beautiful smile conforming to the shape of the face.

This also has helped the patient to floss more easily. This naturally leads to more improved periodontal condition due to less accumulation of tartar and less likelihood of recession of gums.

Invisalign Pictures - Before and After