Trials of a Patient
By Dr.Meena
January 24, 2011
Category: Patient
Tags: bridge   accident  

The following is a personal note from Raj, a patient of mine that illustrates the potential issues when you receive treatment at a location which is not your place of residence. As described in the note, Raj had to get a new bridge when he was traveling in India. For various reasons, he was not satisfied with the treatment - the bridge was coming out when he came in to see me. This is not an attempt to insinuate medical professionals abroad - the fact of the matter is that such treatments require multiple visits and constant monitoring which is better done by a medical professional close to home.

I am glad to know Dr. Meena and would like to share my case. I know Dr. Meena since early 2009 when I first went to her clinic in Worcester for a check-up. The reason for my visit was to take her opinion after being a victim of an improperly fitted bridge for my upper right premolar and canines.I had no problem with my teeth until I ...met with a car accident in 1997 when my right mandible was fractured. Also, I lost my upper two incisors. My mandible was immobilized for 4 weeks (during which I survived on liquid diet) and the fracture was healed. Later, my broken incisors were root canal treated and replaced with a new bridge. During all these years, I got a couple of replacement bridges after the previous ones were worn out.

Meanwhile, my sinusitis problem was complicated, probably by these treatments and ended up in a tooth abscess of one of the neighboring canine tooth. This was diagnosed when I went to India (Hyderabad, my home town) for a visit. Although, they diagnosed the tooth abscess, the dentist I saw in Hyderabad did a sloppy job while taking the measurements for my new bridge, which I needed after extracting the abscessed tooth. As a result the bridge loosened day after day and came out completely by the time I returned back to Worcester. I was so fortunate that I could see Dr. Meena who identified and fixed the problem. Till today, I had no hint of any issues with the bridge. I am very thankful to Dr. Meena and her skillful approach to address my case. My sincere recommendation and reference to all is to go visit Dr. Meena, my favorite dentist, if have any dental problem.